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Water- The Brain's Favorite Drink


    Water is an excellent conductor of electricity.  The human body is essentially an electrical system that is about 70% water.  All of the electrical and chemical action of the brain and central nervous system are dependent on good condution of electrical currents to pass messages between the brain and the body as a whole.

   When fresh good tasting water is readily available, people tend to drink the amount they need.  However, more often, because our water has been treated with chemicals that alter it's taste, people get into the habit of quenching their thirst with other beverages that usually contain sugar and caffeine.  All food, juices and other beverages are processed by the body as food.  Pure water is a necessary nutrient to the human system.


- Water creates efficient electrical and chemical action between the brain & nervous system.

- Water facilitates efficient storage and retrieval of information, your memory.

- Water improves all academic skill development and concentration.

- Water helps counteract the negative effects of electronic equipment such as computer terminals and TV.

- Water helps the nervous system move toward homeostasis (balance) under stress.






- Water also helps the nervous system maintain a balanced energy level, improves physical and mental coordination, and improves social skills.  It can reduce emotional flare-ups, promotes relaxation, and can increase quick reaction time in visual motor activities.


- Psychological or environmental stress depletes the body of water and leaves the cells dehydrated.

- Processed foods do not contain water and may be dehydrating to the system.

- Water cleanses and nourishes the cells and removes wastes and toxins. 

- Water is most easily absorbed at room temperature.

- Water should be odorless, colorless and have a mildly pleasant taste.

- Chlorine and other chemicals in municipal water, added to kill bacteria, often exceed healthy limits.

- Beverages containing sugar and caffeine overcharge the nervous system.

- Your system may need water before you feel thirsty. Drink small amounts regularly.

                      The average person needs 8-10 glasses (8 oz.) of water a day           



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